About Our Beds

SunVision Alisun V500
SunVision Alisun V500The 500 is the most powerful Sunvision sunbed.  The Sunvision 500 is equipped with equalizing acrylics and X-treme Intensive tan face tanners for an even more luxurious and refined appearance.

The UV output of the lamps will be spread in a better way over the body due to these special acrylics. So the tanning results are also extremely good.

You will have a wonderful experience and the opportunity to relax by listening to your favourite music in a pleasant, fresh atmosphere. This of course, goes hand in hand with excellent tanning results by the characteristic Sunvision tunnel shape.



Sun Vision Alisun 488
Sun Vision Alisun 488With a powerful tanning session on these beautifully designed sunbeds in brilliant bronze with a beautiful brown/orange decoration.

Enjoy excellent tanning results, created by the characteristic Sunvision tunnel shape and the X-treme Intensive Tan face tanners.


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