Responsible Tanning

Tantalize Salon responsible approach to tanning and skin care fully complies with the Health and Safety guidelines (HSEINDG 209) as produced by the U.K. Health Executive. Furthermore, Tantalize Salon in house education and certification programme exceeds the parameters of the guidelines referred to above.

We provide:
  • A responsible approach to tanning by prohibiting customers with unsuitable skin types (skin type 1-highlyfreckled or moled) and only permitting over 18’s to use our services.
  • A biometric finger print, to protect your minutes & yourself from tanning within the normal 24 hour restriction between sessions!
  • Fully trained staff, to advise and ensure your safety. But most importantly make you smile!
  • A personal consultation so we understand your skin type and any other factors which may need to be considered prior to services.
  • Lamps that never exceed 80% of manufacturer’s life expectancy.
  • A commitment to introduce sunbeds which are 0.3 euro norm compliant, providing UV output considered safe and equal to the midday Mediterranean sun by the European Union.
  • No under 18’s are permitted to use our UV services; however we provide generous discounts on our other services to these individuals, providing a great tan without the need for UV light.

Skin Type Consultation
The consultation you receive from your consultant enables he/she to determine your recommended dosage of UV light. This, in part is guided by your skin type. It is very important to establish your skin type as this highlights the way our body responds to UV. Skin Types are categorised as follows:

Skin Type 1: Very Sensitive Skin
Definition: Typically red/blond hair, blue/green eyes, very pale skin.

Skin Type 2: Sensitive Skin
Definition: Typically fair to light brown hair, blue/green/grey eyes, light to medium skin.

Skin Type 3: Normal Skin
Sensitivity Definition: Typically medium to olive skin, medium to brown hair, grey/brown eyes.

Skin Type 4: Skin very well resistant to the sun
Definition: Typically dark olive to light brown skin, dark eyes and dark hair.

Skin Types 5 and 6: Naturally tanned/dark skin
Definition: Typically dark hair, eyes and skin.

We Advise
We strongly advise that the following people do not use indoor UV tanning facilities:
  • Under 18 yrs old
  • Pregnant women
  • People who are currently under medical supervision
  • People who are on prescribed medication or take any form of drugs
  • Diabetics
  • People who are hypo-sensitive to light
  • Skin Type 1

The following people should seek medical advice before tanning, whether it is in the Sun or using artificial tanning:
  • People who suffer from Epilepsy
  • Suffer from dizziness or fainting
  • Suffer from headaches or migraines
  • People who have a heart condition
  • Suffer from irregular blood pressure
  • Hypo tension
  • Prickly heat
  • Any allergies
  • Anyone who has skin ulcers or moles that change appearance

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