Safe Tanning Guide

The best way to create and maintain a tan is by encouraging the melanocytes to produce more melanin and then drawing it to the top layers of skin and retaining and oxidising it there. This is done by exposing the skin frequently (3 times a week) via a series of tanning sessions which do not burn the skin (which is actually counterproductive and harmful).

Many of the lotions at Tantalize Salon are designed to encourage the melanin to rise to the surface of the skin and oxidise, hence accelerating the tan. Lotions also re-hydrate the skin preventing drying of the skin. If you over expose your skin to UV rays, your skin will likely burn or peel. This means your body is shedding melanin and therefore the skin is losing its tan and its protection.

Why Use Lotions:
  1. Dry skin reflects light giving you a surface tan that fades quickly.  Hydrated skin however allows the UV rays to penetrate more deeply giving a longer lasting tan.
  2. Increases the result of the tanning session by stimulating melanin production, maximising your tanning performance.
  3. Projects the skin from losing moisture during the tanning session, lotion will hydrate the skin promoting anti-aging benefits.



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