Sensible Tanning

Sunlight has a positive influence on our mood, gives us a boost of energy and a healthy appearance, important factors that influence our happiness and self-confidence.

Moreover the sun generates vitamin D, which protects us against bone and muscle problems. There are even strong indications that sunlight and vitamin D are protective against various forms of cancer.

Alisun was one of the first companies to initiate the "Sensible Tanning Association". The main purpose of this foundation is to achieve explicit regulations within the Benelux for healthy and responsible tanning. It is a unique achievement that doctors, scientists, the Dutch Cancer Association, manufacturers, distributors and studio owners are cooperating in this area.

Tips for sensible tanning on a sunbed:
• Determine your skin type based on the questionnaire that is provided with the sunbed prior to tanning.
• Follow the indicated tanning times based on your determined skin type.
• People under 18 years of age and/or with skin type 1 are forbidden by law (inside the European Union) to use a sunbed. If you have a skin disorder, please consult your doctor first before using a sunbed. If you suffer from acne or psoriasis UV rays may have a positive effect.
• If UV radiation causes an allergic skin reaction we advise you not to use a sunbed.
• We advise you to remove all cosmetics several hours before using the sunbed. Some substances can influence the sensitivity of the skin to light. Sun cosmetics with a protection factor may not be used during tanning. Special cosmetic products for sunbathing can be used instead.
• Some medications will substantially increase the skin's sensitivity to UV rays.
• We recommend not to wear jewellery.
• We advise you to use a moisturiser and nourishing cream after tanning.
• Contact lens users are advised to remove their lenses.
• Carefully read the medications' instructions or, if you have any doubt, consult your doctor.
• UV radiation is harmful to unprotected eyes, you need to wear UV protective goggles or winkies.
• We advise you to use the sunbed not more than once a day, with a maximum of 50 times per year.
• If you suffer from inflammation or blisters after tanning, please consult your doctor.


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