Wellness Tanning

Tantalize are one of the first companies in the UK to offer this scientifically approved & medically endorsed tanning technology.

How does it work
The specialist tanning lamps have been calibrated to deliver a dosage of tanning light based on the natural tropical sun. Giving a softer more gentle tanning experience than the old generation of tanning equipment.

What is the Effect
The skin is exposed to this softer light, maximising the ability of the skin to create pigmentation (TAN) far better than traditional tanning units, reducing the chances of sunburn, overexposure, discomfort and skin damage giving the customer the deepest & safest tan ever!

What Shall I Expect
A deep long-lasting beautiful tan, achieved through frequent exposure of 2-3 sessions a week to the new wellness light technology, generated from our state-of-the art tanning equipment over a 2-3 week period.


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